Esoteric Lessons

Rudolph Steiner's personal development practices.

GA 266

Recently uncovered documents, newly translated, have changed the way we think of Rudolph Steiner’s tours through Germany from 1904 to 1909.  Documents show Steiner did more during this time, as General Secretary of the Theosophical Society, than provide lectures to the public and to Theosophists.


GA 266 of Steiner’s collected work shows he also devoted considerable time to his Esoteric School, a small, relatively unknown group of men and woman, until recently shadowed by time. 


GA 266 emerged from obscurity and gave researchers a new view of the fullness of Steiner’s mission, a mission extending beyond his work in education, biodynamic agriculture, or anthroposophical medicine, beyond even his lectures to the Theosophical Society. 


After giving a lecture to Society members, Steiner would then shift his attention to his esoteric students.  His public lectures would draw hundreds or more, while these post-lecture meetings with his esoteric students often consisted in ten people or less.  Some records suggest that as little as three people might have attend these classes.


Members of the Esoteric School would congregate at their Theosophical lodges in Berlin, Charlottenburg, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Kassel… There were 251 German members in 1904, when Steiner served as General Secretary.  By 1914 there were forty-four lodges and a membership of 1500—still a very small number.


It is possible for today’s spiritual community to access these personal development practices through the writings of the students who attended his Esoteric School.  GA 266 is a collection of notes, meditations, and lectures recorded from the memory of his esoteric students.  Now it’s our only link to this treasure trove of knowledge that Rudolph Steiner left behind.